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Joumou Stickers

Joumou Stickers

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Our Soupe Joumou Sticker is a celebration of REVOLUTION!  Haitian Independence Day is celebrated on January 1st marking the end of the holiday season.

Discover the heartwarming tradition that unites every Haitian household on Independence Day. Soup Joumou, a delicious pumpkin soup, holds a special place in the hearts of Haitians as a symbol of freedom and resilience. This hearty dish commemorates Haiti's historic liberation from colonial rule on January 1st, 1804.

Why Soup Joumou? On this auspicious day, Haitians come together to savor this flavorful soup, not just for its delectable taste but for its profound historical significance. It was once forbidden for enslaved Haitians to enjoy this delicacy under French rule. However, after their successful revolt and independence, Soup Joumou became a cherished tradition, a testament to the newfound freedom and pride of the Haitian people.

3x3 die cut sticker.

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