Building this business has been quite the journey.  Some days I feel like the most BADASS motha on the planet.  Other days I feel like Im failing in every area of my life. But, one thing that remains constant is my GROWTH.


I am learning so much about entrepreneurship, about myself and about the world as I embark on this new path.  Sometimes I get these big AHA moments, and other times they are just little nuggets of wisdom that come across my path.


This is why I decided to do Lessons from the North Pole.  I figured if these golden nuggets of knowledge have been helpful to me, they might also be helpful to another person on their entrepreneurship journey. 


I certainly do not claim that all these lessons are things that I figured out on my own.  On the contrary, many of these lightbulb switches appeared after having conversations with friends and family. 


But if I’m being honest, Lessons From The North Pole videos are really just a way for me to record this journey so that one day I will be able to look back and say- LOOK HOW MUCH WE’VE GROWN.


So tune in, every Friday morning on our Instagram and TikTok page for our weekly Lessons From the North Pole.

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